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This is an Agreement made and entered into by and between the Sung Korean Translation Company, (herein Sung Mun), and ______________________ (herein Company).  The parties agree that:

WHEREAS, in some cases require Sung Mun services to meet due process requirements; and

WHEREAS, the Sung Mun seeks to fulfill its responsibility by providing for Sung Mun services in required assignments.

NOW THEREFORE, IN CONSIDERATION of the mutual terms, conditions, promises, covenants, and payments hereinafter set forth, this Agreement is made between the Sung Mun and the ______________________ for provision of Sung Mun services.

The parties agree as follows:

1. Definitions:
"Agreement" means the document executed by the parties which sets forth the  duties and responsibilities of each party.  The parties to the Agreement are  Sung Mun and  the Company.

2. Scope of Services:
The Sung Mun shall provide services to the Company as follows:

a. Serve at the pleasure of the Company.

b. Perform the personal service for which the SUNG MUN is retained to the best of the SUNG MUN'S ability and at the direction and request of the Company.

c. The SUNG MUN will adhere to standards and procedures for qualifications, certification, professional conduct, discipline and training for Company..

3. Compensation:
a.The Company will compensate the SUNG MUN as listed below.  

​b. For interpretation:  SUNG MUN shall be paid a flat fee of $_________ per hour, minimum 2 hours for interpreting services, regardless of how long the interpreting event lasts.  If SUNG MUN is cancelled by Company with less than 24 hours notice, SUNG MUN shall receive a cancellation fee equal to a half day’s compensation - $________.  

​c. For translation of documents written in Korean:  For translation of written documents from Korean to English, or from English to Korean, $______ per word, up to a 
maximum cost of $_______ per page.  

4.   Travel Reimbursement Policy:

If travel is require, the company shall reimburse travel and mileage reimbursement at rates previously agreed by the parties..

5. Indemnification:
SUNG MUN shall indemnify and hold harmless the Company from all suits, actions or claims of any character brought on account of any injuries or damages received or sustained by any person, persons or property by or from the said SUNG MUN or SUNG MUN'S agents; or by, or in consequence of any neglect in safeguarding the work.

6. Termination:
a. The failure of the SUNG MUN to comply with the terms of this Agreement shall constitute a material breach of the Agreement by the SUNG MUN and, in addition to any other remedy authorized by law; the Company shall have the right to terminate said Agreement immediately. In the event of termination, pursuant to this paragraph, the SUNG MUN shall immediately cease ordered Sung Mun services in all cases assigned to him or her or it and shall provide all files relating to such cases and supporting documentation to the Company.

b. In the event the SUNG MUN is unable to perform this Agreement due to an injury or illness, or for other similar cause beyond the control of the SUNG MUN, then the SUNG MUN may be released from any and all obligations under this Agreement.

c. In the event the SUNG MUN fails to meet minimum performance standards as determined by the Company, or has been sanctioned by the Company, the Company reserves the right to either terminate this Agreement or discontinue the services of said SUNG MUN until such time as the SUNG MUN has received further training or the SUNG MUN has complied with any sanctions.

7. Security and Confidentiality:
The SUNG MUN shall comply fully with all security procedures of the State of Florida and the Company in performance of the Agreement. The SUNG MUN shall not divulge to third parties any confidential information obtained by the SUNG MUN or its agents, distributors, resellers, subcontractors, officers, or employees in the course of performing Agreement work, including, but not limited to, security procedures, business operations information, or commercial proprietary information in the possession of the State of Florida or the Company. To insure confidentiality, the SUNG MUN shall take appropriate steps as to his, her or its personnel, agents, and subcontractors. The warranties of this paragraph shall survive the Agreement.

8. Laws and Regulations:
The SUNG MUN will comply with all laws, ordinances, and regulations applicable to the work required by this Agreement. The SUNG MUN is presumed to be familiar with all federal, state and local laws, ordinances, and regulations that may in any way affect the work outlined in this Agreement. If the SUNG MUN is not familiar with such laws, ordinances, and regulations, the SUNG MUN remains liable for any violations and all subsequent damages, penalties or fines.

9. Term of Agreement:
This Agreement shall be effective on ______________, or upon execution whichever is later, and shall terminate ____________________.  No amendment or renewal of this Agreement shall be valid unless the same is in writing and executed by the parties.


10. Parties Understanding:
This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding of the parties. Any modifications to this Agreement must be in writing.


Date: ___________________________

By: ___________________________________
Sung Mun
360 Crown Oak Centre Drive

Longwood, Florida 32750
T: 407-920-7803

F: 321-248-0731
Tax ID: 593297664 

Date Signed: ______________________

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